Marco Alejandro
(805) 308-3523

Marco Alejandro is available for festivals, concerts, weddings, and special events. His styles of music span across many genres but he specializes in Classical, Nuevo Flamenco, and Latin American guitar. His sound is similar to acts such as the Gypsy Kings, Jesse Cook, and Benise.

Marco Alejandro performs as a solo musician or with a full ensemble. Booking is usually scheduled at least 2-3 months in advance. Please indicate if you would like to book Marco Alejandro as a solo performer or as an ensemble. Also, have a look at the stage layout diagrams to get a better understanding of performance requirements. Instrumentation; as a solo performer includes only guitar, as an ensemble can include up to 3 guitars, bass guitar, percussion (cajón, bongos, congas, shakers, chimes, and others), keyboards, cello, violin, accordion, sitar, drum kit, and other world instruments. Marco Alejandro will approve all background music played before and after performance.

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